Automatic train protection

ALTPRO automatic train protection systems are a cost effective and reliable solution for railway operators and infrastructure managers around the world.

INDUSI Systems

Established and cost effective solution

INDUSI based train protection systems have always been regarded as  cost effective and reliable solutions. Its robust but functionally rich design enabled it to be the most spread ATP system in the world. It can be used on any kind of railway infrastructure (urban or regular railway) and it also can be used on a wide variety of railway vehicles which include:


A reliable reminder

SIFA is a type of dead man’s control system which uses sound warnings to keep the train driver alert. If the system decides that the driver is not alert, it will initiate emergency braking. Its function is very simple but in the same time very important. This type of system has been commonly throughout the course of railway development and it will be used for as long as there is a human factor in the train cabin.

Event Recording

Flexible data collectors

ALTPRO event recording solutions are able to act as a standalone product or within a wider system. Those systems can be configured to record a variety of signals, digital or analogue. Variety of information can also be recorded, like train speed, position or train driver ID. Extensive testing according to relevant EN norms and other features make them an ideal fit (as a part of ATP system or as a standalone product) in:

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)

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