Signalling systems

ALTPRO signalling systems can solve a variety of different challenges faced by the railway infrastructure manager. Well proven and reliable systems are the solution.


Level crossing protection

Level crossing protection is a complex task involving all sorts of systems which work in harmony. During the years, ALTPRO experienced the challenges of all tasks required by a demanding railway infrastructure manager. By accommodating to those requirements RLC23 system of today is able to meet numerous requirements beside:


Safe and reliable axle counting

Axle counting system BO23-MTA is designed with as little indoor and outdoor equipment as possible. That is why it is commonly used in urban transit beside its core application – on a regular railway track. By using regular and special wheel sensor units, BO23-MTA can be used for train detection in all sorts of environments like tramway, metro, APM (automatic people mover), monorail and regular railway. Specific applications it is used for are:


Well proven and robust train detection

Axle counting system BO23 is an established and above all, robust train detection solution. Signal processing immediately after the train passed by the rail allows for indoor equipment to be placed a lot further than in standard axle counting applications. Furthermore, 2 wire connection between indoor and outdoor equipment makes this solution ideal for infrastructure with deteriorated cabling infrastructure. Specific applications it is used for are:


Train detection simplified

Train detection systems UTR/ITR and TDR14 are used for train detection applications where simplicity is the main requirement. UTR/ITR cost effectively offers a possibility to reliably detect a train in applications like level crossing protection system or triggering of monitoring systems. On the other hand, TDR14 offers the same level of simplicity but it comes with a SIL4 certificate and more advanced features. Specific applications these systems are used for are:


Fail safe data acquisition, transmission and distribution

Fail safe data acquisition device for any solid state or relay digital signals, transfer and distribution of data to remote locations, decoding, evaluation and parallel redistribution in form of fail-safe digital outputs.  FSDT12 is used for digitalization and distribution of signals from older relay systems through local area network. As main communication channel FSDT12 uses Ethernet ports, so the devices can easily be connected to a network through standard network equipment. It can transmit vital information between:

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)

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